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Lewis Smith Lake

Lewis Smith Lake, also known as Smith Lake, is a stunning 22,000-acre reservoir on the Sipsey Fork of the Black Warrior River, spanning Cullman, Winston, and Walker counties. Additionally, as one of the top campground attractions, it is renowned as the most beautiful lake in the Southeast and the third cleanest in the U.S. With over 500 miles of scenic coastline, Smith Lake is perfect for swimming, boating, and leisure activities. Furthermore, the lake’s 80-degree water is ideal for water sports, and its 10 marinas and numerous public boat launches provide easy access. For those needing a vessel, Cappy’s Boats in Cullman offers pontoon rentals and safety equipment. Enjoy the beauty and recreation of Smith Lake and create unforgettable memories on its tranquil shores.

Smith Lake, Double Springs, Alabama

Dismals Canyon​

Dismals Canyon in Northwest Alabama

Discover a hidden gem in northwest Alabama, opening March 1st after the winter season. Embark on a 1.5-mile-long hiking trail that winds through a captivating canyon maze, with moss-covered sandstone walls offering a glimpse into the past. Witness two waterfalls, including a phantom fall, adding a touch of magic to the lush scenery. At night, be enchanted by the dazzling light show put on by tiny incandescent worms known as Dismalites (glowworms). Dismals Canyon, an 85-acre private nature preserve in Phil Campbell, Alabama, was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1975 due to its historical and environmental significance. Uncover centuries of history, incredible natural beauty, and rugged character along the easy ramble on the canyon floor. While there, don’t miss the chance to visit Indian Head Rock, one of the popular campground attractions in Alabama, offering thrilling cliff jumps into the deep blue water below.

Sipsey Wilderness

Explore the vast and serene Sipsey Wilderness, one of the premier campground attractions in Alabama and the largest of its kind east of the Mississippi. Additionally, embrace solitude and adventure with activities such as hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing. Furthermore, traverse the moderately rated Sipsey River Trail, perfect for hiking, trail running, and camping, with the added option of bringing your furry companion on a leash. Follow the scenic Sipsey River, which holds the prestigious title of a National Wild and Scenic River in Alabama. Moreover, discover multiple camping opportunities along this breathtaking trail and create unforgettable memories in this remarkable wilderness.

Sipsey River (Campground Attractions)

Sougahoagdee Falls

Sougahoagdee Falls in Bama Campground Attractions (near Bankhead National Forest )

Hidden within the stunning Bankhead National Forest, Soughahoagdee Falls offers a serene and picturesque escape, making it one of the top campground attractions in Alabama. The 4.0-mile out-and-back trail near Houston, Alabama, is a popular choice, showcasing a river, small waterfalls, a lush forest, and impressive boulders. While parking may be limited due to the trail’s popularity, the serene beauty of Soughahoagdee Falls makes the journey well worth it. This unique waterfall may not boast a thunderous volume of water, but its wide, shallow cascade offers a soothing and tranquil experience, standing out amidst the roaring falls elsewhere.

Natural Bridge Park​

Natural Bridge Park in Winston County features a 148-foot sandstone bridge towering 60 feet above winding pathways, making it the longest natural bridge east of the Rockies. This majestic sight dates back two million years to the Ice Age and was once home to Creek Indians, who likely used the cave-like formation for shelter. Don’t miss the Indian face etched by nature into the rock! The trail through the park is approximately two miles roundtrip and moderately challenging due to roots on the path, but it’s manageable for children and active seniors. In the spring, you’ll find wildflowers, and in the fall, vibrant foliage. Beneath the bridge is a cave-like bluff you can explore, making it one of the notable campground attractions in the area.

Caney Creek Falls

Caney Creek Falls (Campground Attractions)

Caney Creek Falls is one of Alabama’s most beautiful hidden waterfalls, located in North Alabama’s William B. Bankhead National Forest. As one of the top campground attractions, it can be reached by taking the 1.7-mile Caney Creek Falls Trail, suitable for all skill levels. The trail leads to Upper Caney Creek Falls, a 20-foot drop that also serves as one of Alabama’s best swimming holes, where you can even walk behind the waterfall. Continuing down the creek, you’ll find the equally stunning Lower Caney Creek Falls. This hidden gem is a must-see for your summer bucket list and offers a chance for a peaceful, secluded experience.


118 County Road 3212, Haleyville, AL 35565
(205) 269-3494

Horse Back Riding

Natural Bridge Park, located near Natural Bridge in Winston County, Alabama, is the longest natural bridge of its kind east of the Rocky Mountains, making it one of the top campground attractions in the area.

Open to the public since 1954, the park features picnic areas, drinking fountains fed by a freshwater artesian well, and a gift shop with many hand-made trinkets. The park is home to over two-dozen varieties of fern, a type of hemlock that dates back to the Ice Age, and a nature trail that takes around 30 minutes to complete.

Known by the natives as “Lodi,” the Natural Bridge was formed from the erosion of sandstone and iron ore about 200 million years ago. Consequently, it stands 60 ft (18.3 m) tall and 148 feet (45 m) long. Additionally, it is widely known that Creek Indians lived in the area for many years, using the cave near the bridge for shelter. Furthermore, down the hill from the bridge is a mysterious 15 feet (4.6 m) tall stone American Indian head looking to the right, much like that of an Indian Head Nickel.

Please note, due to insurance liability concerns, visitors are no longer allowed to walk over the bridge.

The Natural Bridge Park is open seven days a week, from 8:00 A.M. until sunset, providing a perfect opportunity to explore one of the most fascinating campground attractions in the area.

Mill Creek Farms

    • (205) 485-2003
    • 41590 Highway 195, Haleyville, AL 35565


    • (205) 430-2523
    • 41991 Alabama 195, Haleyville, AL 35565

La Estancia Pizza

    • 42451 Highway 195 Ste 107, Haleyville, AL 35565

Dixie Den

    • 907 20th St, Haleyville, AL 35565
    • (205) 486-8577

Golden Dragon Chinese Buffet

    • 1814 21st St, Haleyville, AL 35565
    • (205) 486-5720

Bank’s Bar-B-Q

    • 2210 21st St, Haleyville, AL 35565
    • (205) 486-2266

Russell’s Rising Smoke

    • 1030 AL-13, Haleyville, AL 35565
    • (205) 486-7427

Family Table Country Cookin’

    • 405 Hwy 13. Haleyville, AL 35565
    • (205) 486-4900


  • 15457 US-278, Double Springs, AL 35553
  • (205) 489-2263

Sapore Grill Italian Restaurant

  • 26641 AL-195, Double Springs, AL 35553
  • (205) 489-1172

Buena Vista Mexican Restaurant

  • 14940 US-278, Double Springs, AL 35553
  • (205) 489-5949


  • 26285 AL-195, Double Springs, AL 35553
  • (205) 489-8090


  • 15266 US-278, Double Springs, AL 35553
  • (205) 483-3254

Smith Lake Park

Smith Lake Park is usually the center of attention in the Smith Lake area. Each year the park hosts an enormous July 4th Fireworks Festival as well as many fishing tournaments, including the B.A.S.S. Master Classic. There are campgrounds, a pool, and beach-front access to Smith Lake. Smith Lake Park is one of the top must-see places at Smith Lake!

Brothers on Smith Lake

Brothers at Smith Lake is a classic American dining restaurant. In addition to the food, Brother’s is one of the few bars you will find on Smith Lake.

Big Bridge

Big Bridge, located where County Road 222 passes over Smith Lake, is one of the most distinguishable major landmarks in the Smith Lake area.

Trident Marina & Grill

Trident Marina & Grill has the largest marina on Smith Lake and houses hundreds of boats. As one of the popular campground attractions, the Grill offers some of the best cuisine on the lake. Additionally, during the summer months, Trident hosts live music events where concert-goers have the option of watching and listening to the show from the bank or from their boat on the water.

Smith Lake Dam

Smith Lake Dam, located just outside of Cullman County on Highway 69, ranks as one of the largest earth dams in the U.S. Additionally, for boaters, there is a large boat ramp situated on the other side of the dam. Furthermore, the dam is definitely worth seeing!

The Castle (1hr)

Not many people know that Smith Lake has its own castle. Interestingly, the legendary “Castle” on Smith Lake is a massive house with walls that sport the classic Middle Ages rock-like castle style. Consequently, it can be seen for miles on the lake.

Indian Head Rock

Indian Head Rock is a unique cliff formation near one of the deepest parts of the lake. This location offers a thrill for adventure addicts, as people have climbed up and jumped off the top of Indian Head Rock for decades. This activity is not for the faint of heart.

Speegle’s Marina & Campground (58min)

Speegle’s Marina & Campground is located right on the lake and boasts a beautiful view of the surrounding area. As one of the top campground attractions, they have a convenient boat dock and are situated in one of the best locations on Smith Lake.

Rock Creek Marina

Located on Smith Lake in Crane Hill, Rock Creek Marina offers a unique shopping experience. The marina has all the supplies you will need to enjoy a day on the lake. Take time to check out the large carp while you’re there.

Sipsey Wilderness

The Sipsey Wilderness can be found within the Bankhead National Forest, near the Sipsey Fork of the Black Warrior River. Notably, this area was the first wilderness area officially created east of the Mississippi River. Containing numerous natural waterfalls, Sipsey is the largest and most visited wilderness area in the state of Alabama.

Moreover, it houses the largest tree in Alabama, fondly named “The Big Tree.” If you are up for the 8.5-mile loop trail, you will find one of Alabama’s most majestic trees, standing at a height of 150 feet with a circumference of almost 27 feet at breast height at the base of a waterfall.

Additionally, where Cranal Road and the Sipsey River cross, you can enjoy a family or romantic picnic surrounded by nature at the Sipsey River Picnic Area. The entrance fee to the Sipsey Wilderness is only $3 per vehicle.

West Bee Falls

Nicknamed the “Land of 1,000 Waterfalls,” this wilderness area is carved by many small creeks and rivers on the low plateau of Brindlee Mountain. As one of the premier campground attractions, many waterfalls have formed in this wilderness due to years of erosion effects on the layers of limestone and sandstone in the area.

Additionally, the West Bee Falls region features some of the oldest forests in Alabama, most notably the 260 acres along Bee Branch Gorge and Buck Rough Canyon, where you can find ancient varieties of Eastern Hemlock, American Beech, Sweet Birch, White Oak, and Tulip Poplar.

Furthermore, there are many different trails throughout the Sipsey Wilderness, and the Sipsey Wilderness Hiking Club provides detailed maps and directions to trailheads available to the public.

Saltpeter Furnace

There is a Civil War-era saltpeter furnace located near Bee Branches. Saltpeter is the main component of gunpowder, and the furnace is in a small saltpeter cave hidden by a waterfall. During the Civil War, the location of the saltpeter furnace was a close kept secret, and once resulted in a small battle being fought at nearby Hubbard’s Cotton Mill.

Saltpeter Furnace is located 5.3 miles from William Bankhead National Forest in Winston County, Alabama.

Houston Historic Jail

The Houston Historic Jail, constructed around 1868, is the oldest structure of its kind in the state and the second oldest in the country. Houston was the original county seat of Winston County before it was moved to Double Springs. The jail is open daily with free admission.

Located 7.9 miles from William Bankhead National Forest, you can find the Houston Historic Jail at 4786 County Road 63, Houston, AL 35572. For more information, call (205) 489-3669.

The Historic Winston County Courthouse

Winston County Courthouse was created by the organization commission for Hancock County appointed on April 8, 1850. Residents of Hancock County, later renamed Winston County, were asked to contribute supplies, equipment, and a workforce to the construction. Although the original courthouse burned down in 1871, it was rebuilt shortly thereafter. On August 27, 1987, the Winston County Courthouse was officially added to the National Register of Historic Places. As one of the notable campground attractions, the Winston County Courthouse is located at Blake Drive, Double Springs, AL 35553, just 7.1 miles from William Bankhead National Forest.

The Muscle Shoals area has produced many interesting tidbits of American history. In addition to being the birthplace of W.C. Handy and Helen Keller, the city is home to the “Muscle Shoals Sound”. Since the 1960s its storied music recording studios have hosted some of the greatest artists from around the world, such as Aretha Franklin, Paul Simon, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Rolling Stones, Alison Krauss, Willie Nelson, Chris Stapleton, Grace Potter, Michael McDonald, Jason Isbell, Bob Dylan, and Etta James. Muscle Shoals is a haven to nature lovers and has many great opportunities for world-class fishing, hiking, and biking, as well as several local golf courses.

The Muscle Shoals area in Alabama is a hidden gem packed with rich musical history, natural beauty, and unique attractions. Here’s a list of 15 cool things to do when you visit:

1. Fame Recording Studios 

  • Summary: Visit the iconic Fame Recording Studios, where legends like Aretha Franklin, Etta James, and Otis Redding recorded their hits. Moreover, you can take a guided tour to learn about the studio’s storied past and its significant impact on music history.
  • Highlights: Historic recordings, memorabilia, guided tours.

2. Muscle Shoals Sound Studio

  • Summary: Another legendary recording studio, known for hits by The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Explore the place where the famous “Muscle Shoals sound” was born.
  • Highlights: Recording history, classic albums, interactive exhibits.

3. Ivy Green – Helen Keller Birthplace

  • Summary: Visit the birthplace of Helen Keller, one of the most inspiring figures in American history. Additionally, the site includes her family home and a museum dedicated to her life and achievements.
  • Highlights: Historic home, museum exhibits, educational tours.

4. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Rosenbaum House

  • Summary: Architecture enthusiasts will love touring the only Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house in Alabama. Moreover, the Rosenbaum House showcases Wright’s Usonian style and offers insight into his architectural philosophy.
  • Highlights: Unique architecture, guided tours, historical significance.

5. Wilson Dam and Wilson Lock

  • Summary: Part of the Tennessee Valley Authority, Wilson Dam is an impressive feat of engineering. Furthermore, you can enjoy the scenic views, learn about the dam’s history, and see the lock system in action.
  • Highlights: Scenic views, engineering marvel, educational tours.

6. Florence Indian Mound and Museum

  • Summary: Explore the largest domiciliary mound in the Tennessee Valley, dating back to 500 AD. Additionally, the museum offers artifacts and information about the area’s Native American heritage.
  • Highlights: Ancient mound, archaeological artifacts, cultural history.

7. Pickwick Lake

  • Summary: Enjoy outdoor activities like fishing, boating, and picnicking at Pickwick Lake. The lake is also great for bird watching and nature photography.
  • Highlights: Water sports, fishing, scenic beauty.

8. River Heritage Park

  • Summary: A beautiful park along the Tennessee River, perfect for a relaxing day out. Moreover, the park features walking trails, playgrounds, and picnic areas, providing a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy.
  • Highlights: River views, walking trails, family-friendly.

9. Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Visitor Center

  • Summary: To begin your visit, stop by the Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Visitor Center. Additionally, you can get maps, brochures, and personalized recommendations for your stay in the Muscle Shoals area.
  • Highlights: Tourist information, local insights, helpful staff.

10. Shoals Theatre

  • Summary: Furthermore, catch a live performance at the Shoals Theatre, a historic venue that hosts a variety of shows, from plays to concerts.
  • Highlights: Live performances, historic venue, local talent.

11. The University of North Alabama (UNA)

  • Summary: Moreover, stroll through the beautiful campus of UNA. Don’t miss visiting the university’s lion habitat, home to the school’s live mascots.
  • Highlights: Scenic campus, lion habitat, educational tours.

12. Wichahpi Commemorative Stone Wall

  • Summary: Discover the Wichahpi Commemorative Stone Wall, a unique monument built by Tom Hendrix in memory of his Native American great-great-grandmother. The wall is a peaceful and reflective site.
  • Highlights: Unique monument, cultural heritage, reflective space.

13. Florence Farmers Market

  • Summary: Visit the Florence Farmers Market to sample fresh local produce, homemade goods, and crafts. It’s a great place to mingle with locals and experience the community spirit.
  • Highlights: Fresh produce, local crafts, community atmosphere.

14. Pope’s Tavern Museum

  • Summary: Learn about Florence’s history at Pope’s Tavern Museum, which served as a stagecoach stop, tavern, and Civil War hospital. Furthermore, the museum offers fascinating exhibits and artifacts.
  • Highlights: Historic artifacts, Civil War history, educational exhibits.

15. Alabama Music Hall of Fame

  • Summary: Celebrate Alabama’s rich musical heritage at the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. Additionally, discover exhibits on famous Alabama musicians and see memorabilia from artists who have shaped the music industry.
  • Highlights: Music history, interactive exhibits, memorabilia.

These activities offer a mix of history, culture, outdoor fun, and local charm, making the Muscle Shoals area a must-visit destination. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, history buff, or nature lover, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

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