Sleeping in Hammock vs Sleeping in a Bed

The hammock is a primitive sleep solution that has been around over 1,000 years. The hammock originated and was developed in Central and South America, and the original hammocks were made from the bark of a Hamack tree, from which it gets the name. This simple but effective sleeping apparatus could hold the key to getting more quality sleep, especially if you have issues staying asleep or if you often wake up with back or limb soreness. Many claim that sleeping in a hammock could help improve blood flow and circulation, as well as providing joint pressure relief.


The first (and obvious) difference between sleeping in a bed and sleeping in a hammock is your body position. However, it’s important to remember that your sleeping position is one of the keys to getting quality sleep. A hammock is a lot like a cradle, as it surrounds you, relieves spinal pressure, and has a gentle rocking motion. The vestibular system is activated by the rocking and swaying motion. This system is responsible for helping to relax your body for sleep, like the way a rocking motion will put a child to sleep.  These factors combine to help hammock sleepers attain longer, deeper quality sleep.


A young man sleeping in a hammock by a pool

Hammock Health Benefits

Sleeping in a hammock is safe, as long as you set up your hammock properly before getting in. The design of the hammock forces the occupant to be on their back, reducing spinal pressure which will reduce tossing and turning. These factors can help you fall asleep and achieve more REM sleep more quickly. REM sleep is the most restful form of sleep, and this deep sleep state can help reduce anxiety, improve focus, increase memory, as well as improving work performance and a better mood.


Note: For those with nerve or spinal problems, consult your doctor to make sure hammocks are right for you

If you haven’t considered a hammock before, perhaps the information in this article may help sway your opinion about hammocks as a viable sleeping option.

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